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Anita Bendickson and Mary Brandl define self-defense as any means of safely avoiding or escaping a potentially dangerous encounter. They stress understanding the psychology of attacks and ways to use that knowledge to take care of yourself. The three volume Scenarios in Self-Defense video program and book concentrate on handling encounters before they become violent. Because of the high level of risk, we believe that physical resistance should only be used as a last resort.

In Volume I, Your Early Options, self-defense experts Mary Brandl and Anita Bendickson explore ways of avoiding or defusing potentially dangerous situations early. They discuss the use of distance, body language, types of eye contact, tone of voice, verbal responses and more, as tools you need to handle confrontation.

In Volume II, When An Acquaintance Becomes An Assailant, Mary and Anita help you sort out the confusion and conflicting emotions associated with acquaintance situations. They teach you to trust your feelings and act early in uncomfortable circumstances as well as potentially dangerous encounters.

In Volume III, Practical Physical Resistance, Mary and Anita help you understand effective choices. Rather than the rigidly structured and difficult to remember release and strike techniques presented in many self-defense training programs, Mary and Anita give easy to remember tools to analyze a situation and use your strengths against the attacker’s weaknesses.

All three Volumes are available on one DVD.

You already own the best self-defense tools.   Now there's an owner's manual!  The book and self-study guide, Scenarios in Self-Defense, emphasizes practical knowledge as your best protection against assault.  Some of the points you will learn from the book:
                       --Understand the ways attacks happen.
                       --Learn how to look, act and feel stronger.
                       --Explore options of using distance, strong body language and
                           assertive verbal responses.
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Each video has a running time of 35 minutes and the DVD contains all three volumes.

Video clip previews from
Scenarios in Self-Defense

Eye Contact (1.5 minutes)
Body Language (1.5 minutes)
Make a strong base (2 minutes)

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