Mary Brandl Offers Workshops and Courses
addressing the Continuum of Confrontation

Defending Yourself Against Threats & Violence:  The personal safety workshops and courses Mary offers address the concerns of being physically intimidated and/or threatened with violence. This is the extreme end of the confrontation continuum. She presents tools for recognizing potential dangers, and for learning what roles distance awareness, body language, specific types of eye contact and tone of voice can play in helping slow down or even dissuade an aggressor from continuing.   Simple physical self defense techniques are also presented.  Mary focuses on easy-to-remember physical options, ones that are practical even for people who have little physical skill or ability. Workshops/courses can also be customized to address age appropriate factors or any other specific needs a group may wish such as cultural differences, physical limitations, or developmental disabilities of an individual or group. Take a look at Mary's Resume for more details of her experience.

Managing Confrontation:   The workshops for learning strategies in de-escalation are particularly useful for jobs where confrontation is a common component. The toll of constant confrontations can be a drain on even the best workers.  Many of the things we do can make it difficult for a another person to escalate.  Emphasis is given both to the non-verbal messages we unconsciously send, and to verbal "anchors" that can help us maintain calm and focus mentally.  Participants can discover which strategies fit their style and personality. Even if a physical threat is unlikely, the intense emotions and defensiveness in some situations can make it difficult to begin a conflict resolution process. Mary offers concrete options to help slow down situations, sometimes a necessary first step.   Mary's Resume (Customized "Managing Confrontation" Workshops) has more details on her experience with different job settings and responsibilities.

It is also possible to have a workshop or course which combines elements of both types of presentations.

Go to Twin Cities Events for information on open-to-the-public personal safety workshops and courses currently scheduled in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.


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